About Swaphopper

Swaphopper is a "swapper" introduction agency. We set it up to enable cash-strapped small business owners, artists, trades people, crafts people, teachers, health and beauty practitioners, holiday accommodation owners and anyone else with a skill or something to swap, to have a cash-free lifestyle. Your skills, your expertise, your stock, your accommodation - these become your currency.

If you make the most of this site, you really can have the lifestyle, and the things you would love to own, but can't afford.

Example 1 : Jane has lots of unsold clothes from her Autumn/Winter collection. At Swaphopper she uses this unsold stock to swap for the services of a photographer for her next collection. She uses her stock to swap for a bookkeeper to do her end of year accounts and she also swaps with other stock holders to get Christmas presents for her friends and family and to refresh her own wardrobe. Jane also swaps some stock for a weekend break at a B & B in Devon.

Example 2 : Peter is a fine artist, newly graduated. He has no cash but he has plenty of paintings which he can't sell. Peter swaps a piece of modern art, which he values at £500, for his summer holiday, a two-week break in a gite in Bordeaux in September. The owners were happy as they had no bookings for those weeks and they longed to buy modern art but didn't have the cash to buy any. He also does some illustrations for someone's new shoe website and in exchange he can choose several pairs of boots and shoes from the site.

Example 3 : Tina imports Italian glass at a good price she uses her glass to swap for clothes, accommodation, a modernist painting, a carpenter to put some shelves up, French lessons for her children and a course of massage - all in "day one" of being a Swaphopper member. (£20 is the cost price of her vases and she retails them at £80. Therefore each glass vase gives her £80 of spending. On Swaphopper she quadruples her spending power. She swaps for a cashmere sweater with RRP £80

Example 4 : Simon is starting a new business making designer luggage. He swaps luggage for a website. He swaps luggage for photography. He swops luggage for a copywriter. He swops luggage for 6 months of PR. He swops luggage for practically everything he needs for his business and then he swops luggage for his personal needs - beauty treatments, holidays, clothes. His luggage is his currency and so he buys everything at his 'cost of manufacture' price.

All members of Swaphopper are up for a swap, up for a trade, so don't be backwards in coming forwards. Some will like the swap you are proposing, others won't, that's how it works.

Good luck with your cash-free lifestyle and we hope you have fun and make great new contacts along the way. This is the future!