Ethical Policy

We come together as Swaphopper members, as Swaphopper friends. We endeavour to treat others as we would have others treat us. In all our trades, swaps and deals we expect of ourselves and of each other that we are "fair". Please do not pursue a trade which you deem "unfair".

All swaps are private, known only to yourself and your "swapper". How you account for your trades with respect to HMRC is your business only and Swaphopper does not know or take any responsibility for your transactions.

We are an ethical website and therefore do not wish to host goods, skills or trades which we deem grossly unethical.

These include:

  • anything relating to animal abuse eg fur, exotic skins, foie gras, ivory etc.
  • anything produced in an exploitative manner eg child labour or forced labour
  • anything pertaining to violence
  • any pertaining to pornography
  • anything promoting political propaganda

Swaphopper reserves the right to discontinue membership for "unfair" treatment of other members and where their goods and skills are not deemed appropriate.